Thursday, November 25, 2010


thanksgiving has never been a huge holiday for me. its always been the "holiday" that just so happens to fall between halloween and Christmas. but this year, i vowed to change that. i mean, why skip a holiday when all its asking you to do is "be thankful"??? for that matter, why does it only have to be ONE day? so, my family has decided to make it a month long process. we started a thanksgiving tree this year. every night, one of us would write something we are thankful for and put it on the tree.... there were times when it was hilarious, especially trying to teach a 3 year old what the word "thankful means". all in all, i think this is a tradition that is going to last a long time!!!!

November 1 - Aubrey is thankful for..... God
November 2 - Ava is thankful for.....Asia, Africa, North & South America, Australia, Antarctica, & Europe
November 3 - Dada is thankful for..... our family
November 4 - Mama is thankful for..... little girl giggles
November 5 - Aubrey is thankful for..... my family
November 6 - Ava is thankful for.....foofy
November 7 - Dada is thankful for.....camping
November 8 - Mama is thankful for.....bedtime stories
November 9 - Aubrey is thankful puppy & red bear
November 10 - Ava is thankful for.....mama, dada & sissy
November 11 - Dada is thankful for.....our girls health
November 12 - Mama is thankful for.....Bebe & Papa
November 13 - Aubrey is thankful for.....going out to dinner with Shayna
November 14 - Ava is thankful for.....Miss Jennifer & Miss Angelica
November 15 - Dada is thankful for.....being able to take the girls to school each morning
November 16 - Mama is thankful for..... our cozy home
November 17 - Aubrey is thankful for.....The Girl Scouts
November 18 - Ava is thankful for..... Bebe & Papa
November 19 - Dada is thankful for.....Saturdays off, spending time with his family
November 20 - Mama is thankful for.....Aubrey Grace & Ava Jo
November 21 - Aubrey is thankful for.....mama singing to her
November 22 - Ava is thankful for Woody, Buzz, Jessie & Sarge
November 23 - Dad is thankful for.....heaters
November 24 - Mama is thankful for.....Doyle coming home safely, deployment after deployment.

Hope you all have had a GREAT Turkey day!!!!

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