Tuesday, May 11, 2010

punk rock family.

this family is awesome! i mean, i always knew elissa was awesome, so of course her hubby and daughter had to be just as awesome, right? but if you can believe it, those two people and that little baby blu growing inside elissa made her even more awesome than i remembered. you see, elissa and i went to high school together... she was always uber cool and i was the geek in the corner. it wasnt until the rad invention of facebook that we started chatting, a lot! turns out, she can rock a camera too!!! i was so honored when she accepted my offer to let me capture her family and her during this amazing time in their lives!

elissa & joey... being parents of two girls is amazing. the joy that it brings is something that i can't even put into words (and you guys know that i am never at a loss for words) i pray that your two girls bring you all the happiness that my two girls have brought me.

sophia...you are gonna ROCK as a big sister!!! make sure you teach your sister to laugh, i am sure with all your silliness that won't be a problem!!!



Punk Rock Mom said...

Cheyenne this is amazing! Thank you is just not strong enough.

Michelle McCracken said...

Love that you have a blog for your photography, go Chey! Isn't blogging fun.
-Michelle Rivera McCracken

Muzammal said...

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