Wednesday, December 1, 2010

my sunshine is six.

to my sunshine,

im sitting here writing to you and its officially your birthday. you are sound asleep in your bed, right along with pink puppy dog, your ni-nights and red bear. your flashlight is lost somewhere in all those blankets i bet. i love that you still have to sleep with all of those every night. i love so many things about you punks, and i am sure i don't tell you nearly enough... so tonight, (well, technically early morning) i am going to write down every last thing I can remember...

i love your flair for drama. you come by that honestly. you want to be a show stopper, and believe me, you are.

i love that when you really try to sing, you can hear the love for music in your voice. like bebe and gigi said, you are way better at your age than i was! you keep singing your lil' heart out, don't ever let anyone tell you to stop!

i love that you are an "artist". you could sit and color for hours. you make fantastic creations out of paper, scissors and some glue.

i love the way you say "australia" and "souplantation".

i love that you ask me to sing "our song" to you every night. and i love how you make sure i sing all verses.

i love that you know who the beatles and elvis were.

i love your thirst for knowledge. you are constantly learning, asking questions, reading books. you know things that absolutely amaze me.

i love that you are an awesome big sissy. you two may have your moments, but they are few and far between. the bond between you and the "curly headed one" is so special and strong, you two will be each others best friends for life. i feel bad for whoever stands in the way of what you two want!!!
i love your humor. you tell the funniest jokes, and even if they sometimes don't make sense, your laughter is contagious.

i love your heart. i love that you want to take care of everyone. be friends with everyone. help everyone. you are going to touch so many peoples lives.

i love that you call me "mama". being your mama is one of my biggest accomplishments. i look at you and am in awe of all that you are.

its hard to believe that 6 years have flown by, and man have they flown by. it seems like yesterday dada and i brought home this little 9 lb baby girl who squeaked when she took a breath. it seems like yesterday when you said "mama" for the first time. it seems like yesterday you were sitting on the hardwood  floor, playing drums on the pots and pans. so many yesterday's my sunshine.... but what a bright future you have. i wish i could keep you my little girl forever. nobody warned me about this part. how my heart can break and swell at the same time. while i can't wait to see what tomorrow brings, i am sad i can't remember every day i have shared with you. i guess that is why we must live every day to the fullest punks... because every day with you, and sissy, and dada is an adventure and i am so blessed to be on this crazy ride.

i love you to pieces. you are my sunshine.

happy 6th birthday!!!


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Punk Rock Mom said...

you have me in tears over here. Happy Birthday and a big hug to you Chey for raising such an amazing little girl!